Unusual and elusive creatures inspired by real-world plants & flowers.

Welcome to The Field Guide to Floral Dragons, your guide to dragons imbued with the essence of flowers. 

With their abundant blooms and specialized physiology, floral dragons can be beautiful. However, any wise forager or florist knows that some plants can be as deadly as they are gorgeous…

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Fantastical Flora & Fauna

The world of the floral dragons is filled with a beautiful bouquet of magical creatures inspired by flowering plants, from the playful dandelion to the mighty apple tree. 

Some floral dragons can be gathered as a bouquet of friends, while others are adversaries more dangerous than the deadliest nightshade.

Gorgeously illustrated by Kin Wald and filled with insightful details about the lives of these botanical beauties, The Field Guide to Floral Dragons invites you to enter a garden of draconic delights!

Meet Some of the Floral Dragons

The amaranth's long, vibrant blooms are delicately detailed in the serpentine amaranth dragon, a friendly and playful creature frequently seen living alongside humanoids.

With their excellent vision and camouflage, they make great tracking companions!

The fluffy seeds of a dandelion clock floating through the air are a common sight. But how would you feel if you caught sight of a dandelion dragon floating between dimensions? 

These playful dragons are so light they can slip from one realm to another. 

The fragrant wisteria plant produces gorgeous purple blooms and twines itself around any available support. As a dark echo of this beauty, the wisteria dragon overtakes its surroundings with its irresistible scent and creeping stems. 

Will you be able to resist its fey power, or will you fall into a deadly slumber?

Open Your Field Guide to Find:

  • 200+ pages packed with stunning illustrations
  • 26 floral dragons, pests, pollinators & fungi, plus magic items & poisons
  • Rich lore of the floral dragons’ origins, their biology and habitats, and details of their relationships with people and other floral dragons
  • Fascinating field notes from floral dragon researchers, holding a tale of curiosity, despair, revenge, and hope
  • Stat blocks, traits & more to bring Floral Dragons to life in your roleplaying games

Bring Floral Dragons to Life!

Have your floral dragons at the ready with handy reference cards!

Awe and inspire your players with 3D-printable Floral Dragon STLs you can paint in beautiful colours!

Brighten your table with detailed habitat maps for your Floral Dragons encounters!

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